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  • a high quality product
  • produced in europe
  • available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 300G, 500g, 750g
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3D Filament AprintaPro PrintaMent

PrintaMent line deliver a high quality product produced in europe with minimal tolerances for the diameter of the filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. Most materials offer a colourful selection of many beautiful colours which gives you a lot of options to perfect and individualize prints.

PrintaMent is available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 300g, 500g, 750g and comes on a transparent spool which makes it easy to see how much filament is left on the reel.


  • HIPS – high impact resistance
    (High Impact Polystyrene) is a filament usually associated as support material for ABS that can be dissolved in D’limonene but HIPS is a very good filament on its own and you can make stunning prints with a beautiful matt surface finish. High Impact Polystyrene, as the name suggests, is a sturdy and reliable filament that is widely used among hobby enthusiasts to create models of different sizes. It has limited warping, almost no shrinkage and are very easy to glue together with other parts.We generally recommend using a heated bed. Set your heat bed to 90-110˚C for best results.
  • METAL – grat look & feel
    is a 80% bronze filled PLA based filament which is easy to print, sand & polish. With this filament you can create the most beautiful objects with real metal characteristics, such as a 3x higher weight then standard PLA, a metal feel & touch and thermo-conductivity. A special lubricant increases the flow and prevents the filament to adhere to the nozzle. Finally all above combined with the correct hardness results in a filament that can be printed on almost every type of FDM 3D printer available on the market with retraction enabled on nozzles ≥0.35 mm. Due to the abrasive nature of metal we recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle with this filament. It prints great with a regular brass nozzle also but the wear and tear is bigger and the risk for wearing out your nozzle increases.Metal filament works without a heated printbed with PrintaFix due to the PLA part, but if available set the heated be to a recommended setting of 35-60 °C
  • PVA-M- supports your print
    (Modified PolyVinyl Alcohol) is a water-soluble support material. PVA-M prints translucent with a slightly yellow tint. It is most often used on 3D printers with dual extruders, with one extruder printing a primary material (such as ABS or PLA) and the other printing this easily-dissolved material to provide support for overhanging features. PVA-M is more stable to print with than regular PVA. This also means that it bonds much better than regular PVA to PLA, ABS and PET-G.When printing PrintaMent PVA-M we recommend the use of a heated printbed set to ± 80-90˚C for best results.
  • PET-G CF 20
    (carbon reinforced PET-G) is extremely stiff, very impact resistant and has a higher heat resistance than regular PET-G. This, together with other features, such as a matt surface, low warping, dimensionally stable and extremely forgiving to print, makes this filament suitable for a very wide variety of applications besides the typically RC parts, drones, automotive and more. For a heated bed the recommend the temperature is set to ±35-60°C .Please consider the use of a hardened steel nozzle when printing with PET-G CF20. The carbon fibers are abrasive and will result in fast wear of regular brass nozzles. PET-G CF20 can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.
  • SEMIFLEX – highly transparent
    is a strong, clear and flexible filament. These characteristics, together with the high degree of gloss, very low water absorption, practically no shrinkage or warping, very good interlayer adhesion and flame retardant properties make it a very special filament. The material is FCA (Food Contact Acceptable) approved. In short, a very diverse filament which can be used for many applications. Recommended temperature for the heated printbed is ± 70-90°C.
  • TCH-PLA – changes color with temp.
    is a tough, easy to use high grade colour changing PLA type of filament. The dark grey colour will change to natural above 29°C, but much faster above 33°C or higher. Other features are according the the enhanced PLA ground component, so TCH-PLA is tougher and less brittle as a regular PLA. Due to a low shrinkage factor PLA will not deform after cooling.
  • WOOD – feels and smells like wood
    (Wood filled PLA) is an easy to print Filament with great optics, haptics and smell. Due to the high content of wood PrintaMent WOOD is very easy to post process like sanding and varnishing. For PrintaMent WOOD we recommend a printbed coated with PrintaFix and a nozzle with at least 0.5mm. Attention: Due to the high wood content, this material is very abrasive and should be printed with a hardened nozzle, otherwise your brass nozzle will wear out very quickly
  • PA12 – strong & flexible
    PA12 (Polyamid) is a high-performance polyamide filament. The polymer nylon PA12 is widely used in the automotive, machinery and engineering industry since it combines mechanical strength, flexibility, transparency, UV resistance and superior chemical resistance. PA12 is easy to print, has a high impact strength, even at low temperatures, a very high glass transition temperature and has a low water absorption compared with other polyamides which leaves the mechanical properties unaffected. PA12 is the filament to print objects with a top performance.
    Attention: PA12 needs to be dried for good 3D print results. A standard air-circulated oven is sufficient. A guideline for drying is 4-6 hours at 60˚C. To store it properly use an airtight container with desiccant bag.
  • PC – strenght & stiffness
    PC (Polycarbonate) is a high-performance material which is very though, dimensional stable and has a high impact- and heat-resistance. PrintaMent PC has a high optical clarity, a very good electrical resistance and a high toughness. PC is commonly used to make all sorts of products including bullet-proof glass, riot shields, cellphone exteriors and many other products that require an engineering grade material. We recommend for PrintaMent PC just for experienced users because of its high melting point and high heated bed temperature necessary this material can´t be printed on every printer.
  • PC-ABS – High impact resistance
    PrintaMent PC-ABS (compound of Polycarbonate and Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymere) has a higher impact resistance than regular ABS and is easier to print than regular PC so you get the best of both worlds. This is a consequence of the addition of the proper amount of polycarbonate in this modification, which also creates a nearly perfect interlayer adhesion and a beautiful surface gloss. The above features, combined with a highly stable printing process makes PC-ABS the perfect material for mechanical parts and tools, which should be light and strong and show minimal wear after prolonged use. Recommended temperature for heated bed is >100°C. We recommend Kapton and/or PVA glue stick for adhesion. PC-ABS can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.
    Flame Retardant Black is tested for to be Flame retardant to the standard V0 with the UL-94 testing method.
  • PLA – everyday filament
  • M-ABS – enhanced ABS
  • PET-G – translucent colours



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1.75mm, 2.85mm


black, Blue, bronze, clear, copper, dark blue, fire retardant black, natural, natural dark grey, natural grey, red, transparent, white, wood – dark, wood – light


300g, 500g, 750g


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