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3D Filament AprintaPro – Universal Material PrintaMent PLA

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PrintaMent PLA:

  • a high quality product
  • produced in europe
  • available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 750g


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AprintaPro PrintaMent

PrintaMent line deliver a high quality product produced in europe with minimal tolerances for the diameter of the filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. Most materials offer a colourful selection of many beautiful colours which gives you a lot of options to perfect and individualize prints.

PrintaMent is available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 750g and comes on a transparent spool which makes it easy to see how much filament is left on the reel.

Universal material: PLA, M-ABS, PET-G

  • PLA – everyday filament

    PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biodegradable 3D Print material which is non-toxic and develops no unpleasant smell during printing. PrintaMent is produced from high quality raw materials and well matched additives that result in a good interlayer adhesion, low shrinkage and a good adhesion to the printbed. The formulation also makes the filament less prone to absorbing moister. PrintaMent PLA is easy to use in all FDM/FFF printers and has a slight shine to its appearance when the print is done.
    PrintaMent PLA works perfect with PrintaFix on an unheated or heated printbed.
    PrintaMent PLA glow in the dark – is abrasive to nozzles – we advise to use hardend nozzles to print this color.


Cheat sheet

Printing TBed TemperaturePrinting SpeedFan Speed 2nd Layer
BCN3D Sigma195°-220°Coff* | >65°CUp to 70 mm/s100%
Ultimaker 2195°-220°Coff* | >65°CUp to 80 mm/s100%
Ultimaker 2+195°-220°Coff* | >65°CUp to 80 mm/s100%
Ultimaker 3195°-220°Coff* | >65°CUp to 80 mm/s100%
BQ Wittbox 1190°-215°Cn.A.*Up to 60 mm/s100%
BQ Wittbox 2190°-215°Cn.A.*Up to 60 mm/s100%
BQ Hephestos190°-215°Cn.A.*Up to 60 mm/s100%
Prusa i3190°-215°Coff* | >65°CUp to 60 mm/s100%
Prusa i3 MK2190°-215°Coff* | >65°CUp to 60 mm/s100%


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1.75mm, 2.85mm


acid green, black, bronze, crystal, dark blue, flash orange, gleaming pink, glow in the dark, lime green, orange, pearl white, purple, red, silver, white, yellow


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