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3D Filament AprintaPro – Universal Material PrintaMent M-ABS, PET-G

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PrintaMent M-ABS, PETG

  • a high quality product
  • produced in Europe
  • available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 750g


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AprintaPro PrintaMent

PrintaMent line deliver a high quality product produced in Europe with minimal tolerances for the diameter of the filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. Most materials offer a colourful selection of many beautiful colours which gives you a lot of options to perfect and individualize prints.

PrintaMent is available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm, weight 750g and comes on a transparent spool which makes it easy to see how much filament is left on the reel.

Universal material: PLA, M-ABS, PET-G

  • M-ABS – enhanced ABS

    M-ABS (modified Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymere) is strong, lightweight, extremely durable, very impact resistant. This makes it ideal for special purposed 3D prints, toys and gadget that can benefit from extra strength. PrintaMent is manufactured with high quality raw materials and additives to produce a premium quality. Due to the relatively high melting temperature of around 103˚C PrintaMent M-ABS can be used in hot environments. If you have a dual 3D printer and are going to print with support we recommend that you use PrintaMent PVA-M, that bonds well to M-ABS and is easy to remove manual or soluble in water. M-ABS has a high impact resistance, high durability and low warping and has less of an unpleasant smell than regular ABS. PrintaMent M-ABS comes in a wide range of vivid colors that are all based on the RAL color system which in turns guarantees that you will get the same color every time you order a new spool.
    Generally, we recommend using a heated bed and apply PrintaFix to limit warping and shrinkage during printing. Set your heat bed to ± 90-110˚C for best results.

Cheat sheet

Printing TemperatureBed TemperaturePrinting SpeedFan Speed 2nd Layer
BCN3D Sigma230°-250°Coff* | >65°C**Up to 45 mm/s40%
Ultimaker 2230°-250°Coff* | >65°C**Up to 50 mm/s40%
Ultimaker 2+230°-250°Coff* | >65°C**Up to 50 mm/s40%
Ultimaker 3230°-250°Coff* | >65°C**Up to 50 mm/s40%
BQ Wittbox 1225-245°Cn.A.*Up to 45 mm/s50%
BQ Wittbox 2225-245°Cn.A.*Up to 45 mm/s50%
BQ Hephestos225-245°Cn.A.*Up to 45 mm/s40%
Prusa i3230°-250°Coff* | >65°C**Up to 45 mm/s40%
  • PET-G

    PrintaMent PET-G (glycol modified Polyethylenterephthalat) is an extremely robust material, it is non-toxic and has a no unpleasant smell when you print with it. PET-G is modified so that it has a even higher clarity, stiffness and toughness than regular PET. PET-G is a hydrophobic filament with means it does not absorb water. The transparent colors have a high gloss and result in a almost completely transparent print depending on your shell count, speed and heat settings. The solid colors offer a vivid and beautiful surface with a high gloss finish. PrintaMent PET-G is FDA approved and can be used in applications with food contact. You can enjoy a lot of versatility with this filament from transparent light objects to high impact applications this material is your choice.

    For PrintaMent PET-G we recommend a heated print bed coated with PrintaFix.

Cheat sheet

Printing TemperatureBed TemperaturePrinting SpeedFan Speed 2nd Layer
BCN3D Sigma240°-255°C65°-70°C*Up to 50 mm/s50%
Ultimaker 2225°-245°C65°-70°C*Up to 60 mm/s50%
Ultimaker 2+225°-245°C65°-70°C*Up to 60 mm/s50%
Ultimaker 3225°-245°C65°-70°C*Up to 60 mm/s50%
BQ Wittbox 1n.A.n.A.n.A.n.A.
BQ Wittbox 2n.A.n.A.n.A.n.A.
BQ Hephestosn.A.n.A.n.A.n.A.
Prusa i3220°-240°C65°-70°C*Up to 50 mm/s50%
Prusa i3 MK2220°-240°C65°-70°C*Up to 50 mm/s50%


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1.75mm, 2.85mm


basalt grey, black, black transparent, Blue, blue transparent, clear, dark blue, flash orange, flash yellow, glow in the dark, gold, green transparent, lime green, red, red transparent, silver, snow white, white, yellow transparent


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